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The Conservancy has moved to a new system called Donorbox for collecting on-line donations. This change was made to improve our donor management system and we thank you for your patience adjusting to the new Read more…

Farewell Katie

At the end of September, we bid a fond farewell to Katie Kushneryk. Katie worked with the Conservancy from April 2021 until September 2022 as our Stewardship Coordinator and will be missed! She has some Read more…

Bioluminescence: See that Ocean Glow

The ocean bioluminescence that we see in the waters around Mayne Island are created by dinoflagellates: tiny, single-celled plankton. There are thousands of species of dinoflagellates throughout the oceans of the world, and most of them reproduce asexually. It is assumed that dinoflagellates light up when disturbed to intimidate or escape predators.

Rocky Intertidal Safari

The intertidal zone is the area of shore between the lowest and highest tides. From sea stars to tidepool sculpin, an amazing array of different creatures call this harsh environment home.

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