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Bats of Mayne Island, Part II

Silver-haired Bat This bat species has been confirmed on Mayne Island using DNA testing. The  Silver-Haired Bat (Lasionycteris noctivagans) ranges across North America from northern Mexico to southeastern Alaska. In British Columbia, this bat uses forests Read more…

European Green Crab

As the weather continues to warm, hopefully you will find yourself on our local beaches more and more often. This year, while you are beach combing, take some time to observe the crabs around you. Read more…

Meet the Bats of Mayne Island

Six bat species have been confirmed on Mayne Island through DNA testing.  Yuma Myotis Long-legged Myotis Silver-haired Bat Hoary Bat Big Brown Bat California Myotis  Our overarching concern  Currently in North America certain bat species Read more…

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