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Aggregate Green Anemone

Weekly Sea Discovery: Aggregate Green Anemone These small greenish anemones with bright pink tips are an easy find in our local rocky intertidal, and can form large colonies. To survive in these turbid, shallow environments, Read more…

Whelks of Mayne Island

Weekly Sea Discovery: Whelks! We’re feeling extra whelky here today at the Mayne Island Conservancy, so we’re featuring two different whelks: the Dire Whelk and the Frilled Dogwinkle! You can find these predatory marine snails in the intertidal surrounding Mayne Island by turning over rocks or sorting Read more…

Pacific Sand Lance

Today’s Weekly Sea Discovery: the Pacific Sand Lance! Pacific Sand Lance are members of the extremely important food web group known as “Forage Fish”.  You may recognize this term from recent news about another member of this group, the Pacific Read more…

How are Harbour Seals Affecting Local Fish Populations?

Harbour seals have become quite a controversial creature along the Pacific Northwest, as many people have put the blame of our plummeting fishing stocks on these efficient predators. When Harbour Seal culling and hunting ended in the 1970s, populations exponentially increased but currently have remained unchanged since the mid Read more…

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