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Weekly Sea Discovery: What are phytoplankton and why are they globally important? In this week’s Sea Discovery, we are going microscopic! Lately, you may have noticed the waters surrounding Mayne becoming very green and murky. Read more…

Orange Sea Pen

Weekly Sea Discovery: One organism or many? The budding and beautiful orange sea pen Suitably named after the old-fashioned quilled pen, sea pens have a very distinct shape. Sea pens are cnidarians and related to soft corals, Read more…

Grunt Sculpin

The strange and beautiful grunt sculpin The grunt sculpin is a favourite fish of many divers and ocean enthusiasts in the Pacific Northwest. When I first laid my eyes upon this stripy, stout-looking fish, I Read more…

Bubble Snails

Weekly Sea Discovery: Bubble Snails As we continue our eelgrass surveys in our local waters, I am always amazed at the diversity of exciting creatures we encounter. Last week, we mapped an area by Montague Read more…


Weekly Sea Discovery: Fish or Eel? The Mysterious Gunnels of Mayne Island While turning over rocks and searching for hidden creatures along Mayne Island’s shores, you may see a long, slippery animal slide into a Read more…

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