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Weekly Sea Discovery: Fish or Eel? The Mysterious Gunnels of Mayne Island While turning over rocks and searching for hidden creatures along Mayne Island’s shores, you may see a long, slippery animal slide into a Read more…

Land Slugs and Your Garden

It’s true! A slug is essentially a snail with little to no shell. They are part of a class of molluscs called gastropods (from the Greek for “stomach-foot”), just like nudibranchs and whelks. Land slugs are a well-known slimy encounter in Read more…

Bay Pipefish

Weekly Sea Discovery: Bay Pipefish and Eelgrass Beds As you walk through or snorkel around the eelgrass beds of Mayne Island, you may not see the excellently camouflaged bay pipefish. Found swaying amongst the eelgrass, Read more…

Porcelain Crabs

Weekly Sea Discovery: Delicate Porcelain Crabs of the Intertidal While porcelain crabs may look like true crabs, they are more closely related to squat lobsters and hermit crabs. They have flattened bodies so they can Read more…

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