2018 Beach Cleanup

Another very successful beach cleanup was completed on April 22nd 2018 thanks to the hard work of 123 community volunteers. Nine different teams were active that day under the direction of their Beach Captains. As usual, this event was a success thanks to a great collaborative partnership between the Mayne Island Recycling Society and the Mayne Island Conservancy. The Capital Regional District picked up the cost of transporting the debris to Hartland Dump in Saanich. Community volunteers stand with some of the debris removed from Mayne Island beaches in 2018

By the Numbers

A shocking total of 3,145 Lb of debris was removed from our beaches this year. The good news is this debris will not break down and enter into our marine food webs! The sad news is the amount of debris removed from year to year does not seem to be declining; here are the totals from recent years: 2017 = 3,354 Lb 2016 = 3,645 Lb 2015 = 2,108 Lb 2014 = 1,703 Lb 2013 = 2,634 Lb 2012 = 1,460 Lb 2011 = 2,915 Lb 2010 = 2,594 Lb 2009 = 2,477 Lb By weight, here are the types of materials removed from our beaches in 2018:

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