The Oystercatcher: News and Events from the Mayne Island Conservancy

September 2021

Our Native Plant Nursery Needs Your Support

native plant nursery
By Rob Underhill

Friends, please help us keep this vital program growing.

The demand for locally-adapted plants for habitat restoration projects in Mayne Island's public parks has grown in recent years, as has interest from homeowners and other private land stewards using native plants for land restoration and native plant gardening. Our small native plant nursery operation, with its many locally sourced species, has …

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Tread Lightly: Healthy Septic Systems

grass and moss with water drops
By Nancy Gibson

When you pour yourself a cool, fresh glass of water, remember it comes out of an aquifer in the ground, sometimes not too far from where our household wastewater (sewage) ends up. Many of us moved to Mayne from a city where smelly waste is whisked away in big pipes and dealt with “Elsewhere”. If problems backed up the system, …

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Controlling Tansy Ragwort

Tansy ragwort
By Nancy Gibson

Tansy ragwort (Senecio jacobaea), also known as stinking willie, is a toxic invasive biennial or short-lived perennial plant introduced to Canada from Europe in the 1850s via the ballast water of ships. It is currently found in the Fraser Valley, southern Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands, and in parts of the Okanagan Valley. How to Identify Tansy Ragwort Tansy …

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Not So Jolly, English Holly

Not So Jolly, English Holly
By Maddy Litster

Despite the popular Christmas lyrics, please don’t deck your halls with boughs of holly. As with many invasive species that have naturalized across the Pacific Northwest, English holly was brought here in the mid 1800s to be planted in the gardens of settlers as a familiar piece of home. More recently, English holly was farmed for its commercial value during …

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St. John Point by Don Enright

St John Point Regional Park

by Phil Resnick

Adjacent to the water’s edge,
its 26 hectares bequeathed
in a once in a lifetime deal
to a conservation trust,
adding Douglas fir and arbutus groves
to the repertoire of protected land
on an island where developers
usually have the upper hand,
visitors now free to walk
its primitive forest trails
as they scamper from rock to rock
and savour the sea all around,
alive to a call that evokes
a world long since left behind.

CANCELLED: Starry Nights

CANCELLED: Starry Nights

Cancelled: Starry Nights Aug 29

CANCELLED due to rising COVID-19 numbers in BC. Thanks for your understanding.
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