The Oystercatcher: News and Events from the Mayne Island Conservancy

September, 2019

Planting for Conservation

by Rob Underhill
As we move into autumn, we’re looking forward to another planting season. We have a number of habitat restoration projects on the go, many of which involve planting native trees and shrubs. It’s truly rewarding to see past projects where trees and shrubs planted years ago are now providing habitat for bird, insects, and other animals. Plant it, and they will come. This year we’ll be planting at Hedgerow Farm, plus a small section at Bennett Bay, and working with a number of private property owners interested in restoring natural habitat to parts of their properties. If you have a project in mind and you’re looking for planting advice please let us know. Now is a good time to start planning. While our small native plant nursery has limited space for inventory, we have small volumes on hand, and can grow larger orders with advance notice. We’ll be starting seeds in September so now is a good time to place orders for 2020 and 2021.

Update: Bull Kelp Monitoring Program

by Rob Underhill
Initial results are in from our annual bull kelp monitoring surveys. We are pleased to say this has been a great year for bull kelp! In all seven of our long-term monitoring sites we’ve observed an increase in the extent of the kelp from last year. We’ve even seen it increase around Georgina Point where it hasn’t been this abundant since 2010. Despite a great year it still didn’t return to the north side of Georgeson Island where it was once abundant, but has been nearly absent since at least 2017. We’ll have an article on our website in a few weeks with the full results from our survey. Big thanks to volunteers Andy Blackburn and Fred Mussett for assisting with this year’s bull kelp monitoring.


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Mayne Mushrooms!

If you want to learn more about Mushrooms on Mayne Island, make sure to mark on your calendars for November 15 and 16th. We're planning a series of great events that weekend to help you experience and learn about the amazing world of fungi. Stay tuned for details.
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