Living in Nature's Classroom

Dear friends,

‘Nature’s Classroom’ is the current fundraising focus of the Mayne Island Conservancy. This education program encompasses lessons at the Mayne Island School as well as programs for the community at large.

With such an amazing outdoor classroom right here at our doorstep, what could be better?

Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods, the groundbreaking book about the staggering divide between children and the outdoors, says, “How the young respond to nature and how they raise their own children will shape the configurations and conditions of our cities, homes and our daily lives.”
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One of the Mayne Island School’s teachers says, “As an educator, I am thankful to work along side members of the Conservancy as we collaborate on lesson plans, project-based learning ideas, and site visits that align cross-currricularly with our redesigned BC Curriculum. Our partnership with the Mayne Island Conservancy not only strengthens learning opportunities for our students, it also inspires us as educators as we work alongside such passionate and knowledgeable members of our learning community.”
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And what do the students themselves have to say about the Conservancy’s school programs?

“I like finding things and looking at birds. It was fun cause we were outside. I liked planting trees too cause it's good for you and the trees. It will make a bigger forest and we will have bigger trees later.” (Kindergarten student)

"I like having gotten to get spiders in our classroom to look at in our terrarium because we get to have class pets. It's cool to get to watch them because they do different things." (Grade 1 student)

“I like observing animals, like if we catch a frog—we get to see if it's slimy or what kind of frog it is. I like learning outside because its fun and there's lots to see.” (Grade 2 student)

“I like getting to hike cause it gives me exercise. I like doing the science on our hikes, like studying bugs and watching birds.” (Grade 3 student)

The Conservancy has set a fundraising target of $4,000.00 and we’re already halfway there!

Won’t you join in and help keep Nature’s Classroom strong and healthy?

Or give by cheque payable to Mayne Island Conservancy Society and mailed to :
Mayne Island Conservancy
PO Box 31
Mayne Island, BC V0N 2J0
Dropped off at:
478 Village Bay Road (upstairs)

Thank you for helping us keep this vital program alive.

The staff and directors of the Mayne Island Conservancy

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