The Oystercatcher: News and Events from the Mayne Island Conservancy

March, 2020


2019 Christmas Bird Count Summary

dark eyed junco
By Michael Dunn
Forty-nine people representing 15 different teams surveyed the forests, neighbourhoods, marine waters and the feeders of Mayne Island on December 14, 2019. Collectively, they logged just over 100 km and invested just under 67 hours searching for our wintering birds. The weather was wet in the morning and overcast for the afternoon, but mild and no wind. As a result of …
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Townsend's Warbler. Photo: Don Enright

Download Your Tax Receipts

Did you know that your charitable tax receipt is waiting for you on our website as soon as you make your donation? Scroll up to the top of any page and you should see a "Log In" in the top left corner. Click on it, and follow the instructions from there. (If you've never logged in before, simply request a password by clicking on "Forgot Password."
You can access your entire donor history for the last several years, including donations you made by cheque through our office or by post. If anything doesn't look right, or if you run into any trouble, please don't hesitate to get in touch at
Please note that if you donated through Canada Helps and not directly through our website, you can get your tax receipt through them.
Thank you for your generous support of the Mayne Island Conservancy in 2019.

Free Landowner Consultations

Free Landowner Consultations
By Rob Underhill

On-site visits with Property Owners

The Mayne Island Conservancy is pleased to offer free consultation and information services to land owners who are interested in learning more about the natural features of their properties. These informal walkabouts with our experienced staff and volunteers are a fun and educational way to help you learn more about your land, and how to …
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Beach Cleanup 2020

Float Demolition

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Mark Sunday April 26th on your calendars, it’s beach cleanup time! Each year, more than 100 volunteers across Mayne Island gather for this annual event, removing over 1000kg of debris from our beaches each year. Each area of Mayne Island has a Beach Captain, who coordinates volunteers and the transportation of debris to the Recycling Centre and weighed by category. …
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Spring Native Plant Sale

Spring Native Plant Sale

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Spring Native Plant Sale will be on Saturday April 25th from 10am to 1pm at the Agricultural Hall grounds.
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Common Yellowthroat. Photo: Dan Pancamo

Save the Date

Bird Spotting
for the Mayne Island Conservancy

The Mayne Island Conservancy invites you to celebrate spring by getting out for a bit of community bird spotting on Saturday, May 9th.
The funds collected through this event will be used to purchase birding backpacks that will be available to borrow at the Mayne Island library. Each backpack will contain a set of binoculars, a birding guide and a Mayne Island bird check list. The backpacks provide a community resource to encourage and support the appreciation of nature on Mayne Island.
You can participate individually but teams are encouraged and, it can be more fun with a small group. If you would like to join, but feel unsure of your ‘bird spotting’ skills we can help to connect you with an experienced team leader. AND there will be several bird spotting guided walks scheduled in April to help you prepare for the competition.
Each individual or team will call for support from friends, relations and other connections asking them to pledge either a lump sum or an amount per species. The Conservancy will provide an on line presence where you can post your team and invite pledges of support. A tax receipt will be issued for every donation over $20.00.

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