Reminder: Annual General Meeting Saturday

Hello friends,

Here's a reminder that the Mayne Island Conservancy will be holding our Annual General Meeting at 1pm on Saturday August 8th at Miners Bay Park. All are welcome to come and join us and to learn more about the Conservancy's work. Registration and membership sales begin at 12:45pm with separate tables for current members, renewing members, and new membership sales. This year the meeting will be brief, lasting about 30 minutes, with no refreshments served afterwards.


I. Adoption of the Agenda

II. Minutes of April 27, 2019 Annual General Meeting available for reading
a. Adoption of minutes

III. Business Arising from the Minutes

IV. Correspondence
a. Annual Report to BC Registry of Services
b. Annual Report to Canada Revenue Service

V. President’s Report

VI. Treasurer’s Reports
a. Review Engagement Report for 2019
b. Budget 2020

VII. New Business
a. Questions, comments from the membership

VIII. Nomination Committee Report and Election

IX. Announcements

X. Adjournment
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