This has been the busiest year ever

…for the Mayne Island Conservancy as we lead our first major land protection campaign to the finish line, successfully protecting St. John Point forever. Through this experience we have made new friends, and realized just how passionate the small community of Mayne Island is for nature conservation. We’re looking forward with new energy to the year ahead—a year full of celebrating, stewarding, and learning about this place we call home.

Here are some highlights from 2017:

Shoreline Care

shoreline achievements

Community Engagement

community achievements

Caring for the Land

caring for the land

An Exciting Year Ahead—Won’t You Join Us?

Some highlights of what we have planned for 2018 include:

  • Creating and delivering a record number of nature-based science lessons to youth living and visiting Mayne Island.
  • Expanding the scope of our Shoreline Care Program, and increasing the role of community members as citizen scientists.
  • Continuing to offer free consultation services to land owners on plant identification, invasive plant management, and habitat conservation/restoration strategies.
  • Growing an expanding diversity of native plants from seed and cutting, right here on Mayne Island.
  • Continuing to work with the three park management bodies (Parks and Rec, CRD, and Parks Canada) on Mayne Island to manage invasive species and restore habitats.
  • Coordinating a dynamic series of public speakers to help us learn more about our natural world.
  • Participating in the BC Community Bat Program to discover which species of bats live on Mayne Island, and how we can help them thrive.
  • Meeting new challenges and opportunities that come our way with energy and passion.

Thank you for making 2017 our most successful year ever.

Photo by Billtacular

Photo by Billtacular


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