Ceanothus silk moth (Hylaphor euryalus)

Ceanothus silk moth (Hylaphor euryalus)

You might be amazed at who shares your property with you.

Mayne Island Conservancy offers a service to land holders on Mayne Island where, at your request, our trained staff and volunteers will accompany you for a walkabout of your property. We can discuss its natural features and how becoming a land steward can preserve or enhance these features. This is a great way to get to know your plants and animals while sharing your enthusiasm for the land.

If you are interested in setting up a walkabout please contact us at info@mayneconservancy.ca.

Are you interested in land stewardship? If the answer is yes then the Mayne Island Conservancy can offer the following assistance:

  • An initial conversation followed by a walkabout of your land to discuss your stewardship goals while pointing out valuable wildlife habitat, native plant and animal species, and opportunities for enhancing those features
  • An aerial photograph of your property showing different ecological areas and plant communities
  • Access to locally grown and adapted native plant species
  • Recommendations for achieving your stewardship goals

Walkabouts are a great way to share what you love about your land with others while adding to your own knowledge.

Walkabout Facts

Since 2011, we’ve had the pleasure of exploring 500 acres of private land on Mayne Island with owners from more than 60 properties. Private land stewardship is essential on Mayne Island, where only 233 acres of land are currently protected from development. We continue to be inspired by the love local land stewards have for their special places.


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