Our Beginnings

In 2003 a group of interested islanders sought to identify priority areas on Mayne Island wherein conservation tools might, by invitation, be applied. They cultivated relationships with landholders in such areas, in order to build awareness of the existing ecological values and offer walkabouts and other conservation-oriented resources, while building the case over time for the application of conservation tools. The group offered general education and hands-on experiences for Mayne Island residents and visitors related to preserving the ecological integrity of the island for future generations.

These actions addressed the core intent of what has become the Mayne Island Conservancy Society.

Our Mission

The Mayne Island Conservancy works with the community to conserve the ecology of Mayne Island and its surrounding waters for future generations

Our Purposes

The purposes of the Society are:

a.  To educate and increase the public’s understanding of the importance of the environmental, ecological  and recreational values of the Mayne Island terrestrial and marine ecosystems by offering seminars, workshops, ecological tours and other educational programs to the public.

b.  To provide expert advice to government bodies on these eco-systems of Mayne Island.

c.  To organize and participate in projects designed to encourage community participation in nature conservation of property by land purchase, covenant, lease, stewardship, contract or other instrument.

d.  To undertake inventory, research and restoration projects related to eco-systems on Mayne Island.

e.  To hold and/or administer, through conservation covenants or other legal means, the establishment, protection and management of ecologically significant areas of Mayne Island.

f.  To raise money, acquire funds, accept gifts or other assistance, and to own, by purchase, donation, covenant or otherwise, land or personal property and manage such property or exchange, rent, lease, transfer or sell that property to further the purposes of the Society.

g.  To undertake anything  incidental and necessary to promote and attain the Society’s purposes.

Won’t you join us?