We have now passed $1.5 million.

We’d like to express our heartfelt thanks to the Mayne Island community for your generous and creative efforts to save St. John Point. Pledges have been flowing in since we announced the initiative on December 3rd. Mayne Island Brewing Co. has offered their tip jar to the cause; the employees of the Organic Grocer in Surrey chose to make us part of their Christmas giving campaign; and Astrid Bellem and friends have launched a delicious series of feasts (see below.)

We are pleased to announce that pledges and donations to the Save St. John Point campaign have now passed $1.5 million. We are well on our way to our first milestone of $2 million, which will allow us to have the property taken off the open market. Until we reach that goal, St. John Point is at immediate risk of being sold for private development—please keep spreading the word!

Guided walks to St. John Point are running every other Sunday; these have proven to be a great opportunity for the community to see the beauty of the Point, learn a bit of its history, and have some fun together. Sign up here, or by calling the Conservancy office at (250) 539-5168.

Astrid’s Feasts

Astrid Bellem, with assistant chefs Tim and Brendan Hurley, provided guests with an Indian meal so plentiful and delicious that they totally forgot the blizzard raging outside on the evening of February 4th.  A wide variety of hors d’oeuvre, then curries and salads, was followed by an offering of delicious Indian sweets.  This was truly a magnificent feast! Many thanks everyone for the $435 raised.

As Astrid and Tim are offering these events as fundraisers for the Save Saint John Point Campaign, the dinners are ‘by donation’ with only a minimal charge to cover the cost of the food. Tax receipts will be provided by the Mayne Island Conservancy.  To be included, make your reservation directly with Astrid by phoning her at 250-539-3575. Sign up soon!

March 4–Hungarian/Germanic Dinner
April 1–Mexican Fiesta 

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