May Day 2023 came together organically, as May Day celebrations seem to have a way of doing.

May Day 2023 photos by Margaret McConkey-Long.

Our organizing team (an offspring of the Conservancy Programs Committee) was co-led by myself and Kat Ferneyhough, with support from Helen O”Brian, Mike Nadeau, Steph McBurney, Caeona Murdoch, and her baby, Fintan (who kept us entertained).

We met on a monthly basis from February to May and sketched out the plan for the day step by step.

Caeona designed the poster, Mike organized the pole bearers and brought the pole out of storage, Steph and her gang planned the kids’ games, Helen recruited May pole dancers from the market with a tap on the shoulder, and the rest of us pitched in to pull everything else into place.

Among my favorite parts of the day: Chrysta Wallin’s music students’ performances, the absolutely phenomenal parade of happy people marching to Miner’s Bay, the very thought provoking speeches, and the Stonecrop Singers, who performed for the May pole dance.

The team had our post event wrap up gathering on May 27 and already have some awesome plans sketched out for 2024 – watch for opportunities to add your voice to the team for 2024.

A huge thank you to all of the volunteers who helped make the day special, to our off-island dignitaries Elizabeth May and Paul Brent, and to YOU for coming out to make this annual event as amazing as it was.

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