What a wonderful success the Artists on the Point Auction was on the evening of July 29.

The Ag Hall was filled with beautiful art, great music and very moving spoken word, all inspired by St. John Point. There was also a buzz and amazing energy for both the event and for the campaign. Elizabeth May made the trip to Mayne for the event as well as Harvey and Brenda Sasaki. Harvey is the grandson of Kwanichi Sasaki who owned the property before the internment of 1942. Not only did Harvey and Brenda go home with three works of art but Harvey spoke very movingly about the project and how important it is not to lose the story and to preserve the history for the generations to come. Protecting St. John Point will do just that.

The Mayne Island community truly came together for this event. The art auction brought in $14,300.00 and with donations and a couple of pledges the grand total was just over $20,000. This all goes towards protecting this exceptional property for now and for future generations.

A big shout out of thanks goes out to all the artists, the musicians, the spoken word artists, the flower growers and to all who attended, to all the lucky bidders and to all those who helped. What an amazing little community we have!


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