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Top Five Reasons to Give Monthly

You get the satisfaction of supporting a local, volunteer-based conservation organization with a proven track record on Mayne Island. You’ll be investing in your own community—and your island’s future.It’s efficient: make the donation once, and it repeats automatically. You get the warm feeling of giving each month, without the work.


Staying Connected While Apart

There’s a whole variety of ways you can get involved with Mayne Island’s non-profits while practicing physical distancing. Here at the Conservancy, we are doing our best to carry on our work of conserving the ecology of Mayne Island and its waters, within the constraints of the present difficult situation. Read more…

2019: A Year In Review

It was a busy and successful year for the Mayne Island Conservancy. Thank you to our members, donors, and our community for all your work in conserving the ecology of Mayne Island and its surrounding waters for future generations. (Click on the infographic to enlarge it) And thank you for Read more…

Mayne’s Marine Mammals

Mayne Island Conservancy is excited to be part of a new conservation initiative, in partnership with our neighbouring island conservancies, that focuses on the future of the Strait of Georgia’s whales, dolphins, and porpoises (collectively called cetaceans), and the health of their habitats.  In The Beginning You might remember learning Read more…