Calling batty artists of all ages!

To celebrate Bat Week (October 25-31, 2023), the Mayne Island Conservancy Society invites you to creatively respond to the topic “I love bats in my community because…” Works will be displayed as part of a pop-up Bat Week art exhibit (location to be announced).   

Do you love the fact that we share our world with interesting non-human neighbours? Or the beneficial role bats play in the environment? Or just how cool they are, with their hand-like wings, big ears, backwards feet, night skills, hibernation and echolocation? Read up on some bat facts and pull out your paints, pencils, paper, pens, clay, fabric, recycled materials or any medium of your choice and submit your creation – whether visual or written – to the Conservancy office (455-A Dixon Road) by 4 p.m. October 16th to have it included in the show. Show us how bats matter to you!

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