Mayne Wildlife

A Hummingbird’s Squeak

Article by Michael Dunn. Photos by Don Enright. Meet the Anna’s Hummingbird The Anna’s hummingbird is a relative newcomer to Mayne Island. In fact, it has only been a year-round resident for the last decade or so, although we don’t know for sure that the birds that breed here are Read more…

By Michael Dunn, ago
Bat Surveys

Bat Surveys All Wrapped Up

The Conservancy’s second annual Community Bat Program has increased in size with several important milestones including: a celebrated Community Bat presentation by HAT wildlife biologists, 18 bat surveys across Mayne Island, and over 100 bat sightings. These observations coupled with guano samples support species identification and assist in monitoring population Read more…

By Rob Underhill, ago
Caring for the Land

Return of the Rufous

One of my favourite rituals of spring is to seek out the very first flowers of the salmonberry (Rubus spectabilis). Once I’ve found a good patch of blooms, I settle in and listen for quick, low humming sound whizzing by my ears. There! A rufous hummingbird, hovering for salmonberry nectar. Read more…

By Don Enright, ago
Caring for the Land

Red Elderberry

Red Elderberry Scientific Name: Sambucus racemosa Status (BC): No concern This large shrub requires a combination of full to part sun with consistent moisture. Its long green leaves accompany large clusters of small white flowers, which become persistent, red, berry-like fruit. Its flowers attract native pollinators and its berries are eaten by Read more…

By Rob Underhill, ago