Photo: Toby Snelgrove

Mayne Shoreline Atlas

In April 2013 the Mayne Island Conservancy’s work on shoreline ecology has culminated in the publishing of the Mayne Island Shoreline Atlas Report, which synthesizes much of the knowledge gained from all the elements of our Shoreline Care Project. The Conservancy is grateful to Environment Canada’s EcoAction Community Funding Program for much of the funding that has made this report possible. Deliverables of the project are a GIS database and maps, which provide information about the ecological nature of Mayne Island’s shorelines. The impetus for the inventory arose out of concern for the increasing number of shoreline modifications constructed near the intertidal boundaries of the study area, combined with a lack of information regarding the location of critical habitats. (more…)

Male Purple Martin. Photo: Eric Ellingson

Purple Martin

Purple Martin Scientific Name: Progne subis Status (BC): Blue-listed The Purple Martin is the largest North American swallow and has declined in numbers due to loss of habitat. Originally nesting in large snags and wildlife trees in woodland and freshwater areas, Purple Martin almost all nest in human-made nest boxes placed in Read more…