Bat Surveys

The Unseen Life of Bats

We welcome guest writer Eleanor Willson, one of the Conservancy’s summer interns. The work shift begins for me around 9:00pm. The evening is warm, the sun is setting against the water, and night grows calm.  As I stand below a bat roosting site, I can hear the bats squeaking and Read more…

By Eleanor Willson, ago
Caring for the Land

A Year in Conservation

This has been the busiest year ever …for the Mayne Island Conservancy as we lead our first major land protection campaign to the finish line, successfully protecting St. John Point forever. Through this experience we have made new friends, and realized just how passionate the small community of Mayne Island Read more…

By Don Enright, ago
News and Updates

Great news!

Time for some great news! We’re able to purchase St. John Point! CRD has joined as a major funding partner.  We’re not quite finished fundraising, though. The final push is on. We need to raise another $200,000 to meet our campaign goal to cover acquisition costs. But for now, let us Read more…

By Don Enright, ago