Although our island is small, there are times when transportation is required. Here are some green ways to get around Mayne.

Community Bus

After a hiatus during the worst of the COVID pandemic, the community bus is now back up and running year round. The bus usually parks near the ramp to meet incoming ferries from Tsawwassen on Thursdays and Fridays, mid-day thru evening, and on Saturday mornings. If the terminal is very busy, the bus may wait at the top of the hill. Arriving by bike? The bus can accommodate two bikes on its front rack.

Drivers may also be able to meet other ferries on request, or transport passengers from or to the ferry from their homes. It’s also a great option for your next group outing. These custom requests should be arranged as far in advance as possible.

Run entirely by volunteers, the bus depends on donations to cover operating expenses, so don’t forget to deposit some cash in the bucket near the driver’s seat, or send an etransfer to You can also show your support by choosing the community bus as your “community spirit” at Tru-Value.

Visit the Transportation page on the Mayne Island Chamber of Commerce website for more information, or to quickly schedule your next ride using the “Schedule Now” button. You can also contact the shuttle by text or voice at 250-539-0851, or by emailing

Car Stops

You may have seen the green and white car stop signs around the island. There are 25 in total, located at pullouts in strategic locations. Car stops identify places where islanders can wait for rides from other community members. Try them out, help the environment, and meet new and old friends at the same time! Car stop #1 is located across the street from the ferry terminal. Visit the Transportation page on the Mayne Island Chamber of Commerce website for more information.

Bikes and E-bikes

One of the greenest methods of transportation, bikes produce no emissions, provide exercise, and are fun! Gulf Islanders enjoy great cycling on the islands, and also live close to one of the most bike-friendly cities in Canada: Victoria. Cycling to Sidney makes the trip much cheaper, and almost all of the route is on quiet roads or bike trails. Just a reminder to cyclists to ride single file and pull over when safe to let vehicle traffic pass before going up or down a hill. Brightly coloured clothing and bike lights help make you visible to drivers. And drivers, please pass only when safe.

One thing that makes cycling Mayne and other Gulf Islands a challenge is the number of steep hills. E-bikes are great for overcoming this barrier. If you’re not yet ready to invest in one, try renting an e-bike from Home Hardware by the day or week.


Mayne Island is small enough that it is possible for those who are reasonably fit to travel between many popular destinations on foot. It takes about 45 minutes to walk from the ferry terminal to the village of Miners Bay, and about 30 minutes to walk from Miners Bay to Fernhill Centre. Stay safe: walk facing traffic, and take care at blind corners and hills.


Rosemary Cornell · March 6, 2023 at 8:07 am

Cycling to get around Mayne is so great (except on Summer week-ends when there are too many cars on the road). It is freeing to know that your transportation choice is not harming the climate. I wonder if someday there will be money for shoulders on the roads? They are extending the trail from Miner’s Bay toward Village Bay, but unless it is paved it will be unattractive to folks with road bikes.

    Robin Walsh · March 7, 2023 at 10:43 am

    Hi Rosemary. Thanks for your note about cycling. I’m a keen cyclist and, like you, I find most days are pretty safe on Mayne but I’m cautious about the summer weekends! I traded my road bike for something with wider tires for Mayne a few years ago. Cheers, Robin

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