Community, a sense of belonging, common values, a shared purpose, to make a difference – these are some of the reasons why people join an organization like the Conservancy. For others it’s a way of giving back or paying it forward for the next generation.

Whatever your reason is for joining the Mayne Conservancy, let me tell you what it means to us to have you as a member. Every single one of our members is important to the staff and board of the Conservancy. We recognize most of you at events, chat with you at our booth at the Farmers’ Market, and know many of you as our neighbours and friends here on Mayne.

Conservancy folk at the Farmers’ Market. L-R: Peter Robinson, Malcolm Inglis, Tamara Bonsdorf, Helen O’Brian, Justine Apostolopolous, Robin Walsh.

This means that we are accountable to you for how we invest your membership fees and donations. We are committed to keeping you informed about the work we do on your behalf. That’s why we produce a monthly newsletter, share timely information on our Facebook page, and keep our website updated. We also produce an Annual Report highlighting the year’s activities and achievements, and present a summary of this work, and our plans for future work, at our Annual General Meeting.

One other very critical reason for having you as a member is the importance of strong membership numbers when applying for grants. Having a solid membership base helps to strengthen our applications for funding – the funders want to know that we have a deep connection to the community in which we work. 

Mayne Conservancy members at our 2023 Annual General Meeting.

So, if you have yet to join the Conservancy this year, please know that every individual member matters to us, and we hope you will join today. 

Lifetime Membership = $100. If you missed the news, we now offer a Lifetime membership. This one-time payment means you will never have to worry about renewing your membership again, and it lessens the administrative work for our staff and volunteers. It also provides the Conservancy with an on-going membership base from one year to the next.

Individual Annual Membership = $10 (for the calendar year).

Individuals under 16 years of age = FREE (for the calendar year).

Please pick the payment option that is most convenient for you:

Thank you for joining the Mayne Island Conservancy.


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