We’re offering a different format for plant sales this fall. Due to an increase in demand for on-island habitat restoration projects we have a limited selection and supply this fall. However, we still have some amazing plants for sale and will be taking email orders between October 1st and November 30th. Order early to ensure you get the plants you want. Here is a link to our current availability and pricing:

September Native Plant Availability and Pricing

Orders can be picked up from the Root Seller at 478 Village Bay Rd each Friday (or a Friday of your choosing). Please email your orders by early morning Thursday if you want them the following day. Please email orders to: info@mayneconservancy.ca. We can provide invoices via email payable through our website.

What’s happening at the nursery?

We’ve been busier than ever this year in our small nursery, and we have more than 400 beautiful trees and shrubs ready for planting in our restoration projects, as well as new stock growing for 2021 and our current sale stock. We’re looking at how we can increase production to meet an increasing local demand for native plants. But for now, we want to share six species of interest with you. One new to our nursery, one familiar favorite, and four great deals for your garden this spring.

For the first time ever we have AMAZING looking salal ready for planting. It took three years to grow them but they are beautiful! We were tempted to plant them all in our restoration projects but couldn’t resist putting four of them aside for sale. First come first serve.

Great camas! We’ve had mature camas for a few years now, but we still love them as a native favorite. We gently cared for them from tiny seeds, and they take five years to mature into flowering plants. Due to COVID we didn’t hold a Spring Sale in 2020 so our current stock is about seven years old now, and ready to explode into a burst of colour in your garden come springtime. They come three bulbs per pot for $15. After seven years of care, that’s a steal!

Camas planted in the Mayne Island Conservancy demonstration garden.

Our nodding onion put on a great show this season and make a great addition to the garden for late season pollinator forage. Each pot contains 3-6 bulbs and they divide quickly. We’re overstocked so you can have them for only $8/ea.

Another familiar favorite we are overstocked with is western red columbine. Cultivars are commonly available in commercial nurseries but nothing compares to the brilliant red and yellow of the original. Enjoy these perennial blooms year after year.

One of our favorite wildflowers also needs to go. We are a victim of our own propagation success and have an abundance of blue-eyed grass. These brilliant purple flowers open and close as the sun comes and goes.

Finally, we have our choicest deal of the season for some amazing looking small-flowered alumroot, also known as heuchera. I wish I had a photo of what they look like in the nursery right now, they’re spilling over their pots begging to be planted. For only $5/ea you can make their dreams come true. Great for shaded rock walls, mass plantings, and garden edges.

Photo by Dan and Raymond


Georgia · October 1, 2020 at 9:28 pm

I was told that you are selling (Or taking orders for) pink dogwood trees. Is that correct? I am interested in getting one.

    Rob Underhill · October 2, 2020 at 8:30 am

    Hi Georgia, the only dogwood we are currently growing is red-osier dogwood. Thanks for your interest!

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