What’s under that rock? Who lives in that tree? Why does that caterpillar have hair on it? The world is full of important questions, and children ask the best ones. They remind us we all have a lot to learn about… well, everything! With more young families on Mayne Island, the Conservancy started a fun new program in 2021 for families to explore nature in a guided setting. The program is still evolving but it’s been a great success so far thanks to keen families, curious kids, and coordination by Conservancy staff members Katie Kushneryk and Justine Apostolopoulos.

Come Join Us

The program is running on select Friday mornings from 10:30 am until 12:00 pm in natural areas across Mayne Island. The guided explorations are targeted to children ages 8 and under. All participants must have parental supervision. Registration is required, and spaces are limited for each outing. These programs are free of charge.

Contact us at stewardship@mayneconservancy.ca if you would like to be added to the mailing list for this program. Those on the mailing list will receive detailed information about nature outings.

Help Us Deliver Youth Programs

We would love to extend this program if we can. We foresee a continuing need for environmental education for young people on Mayne Island in the coming years. If you want to help us continue this program, please consider donating in support of youth education.


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