What we’re looking for

We are in search of rental housing for one Co-op student from January 14th until August 31st 2019. We have hired Andrew Simon, a naturalist from Galiano Island, to work with us during this time. If you think you may have an option that will work for Andrew, please contact Rob Underhill here to discuss. If you have housing that is available for only a portion of that time, or you want access for the occasional weekend, we are still be interested in hearing from you. Shared and private accommodation options will be considered. Preference for furnished.

Who are the students?

Each year we receive about 65 applications from university students for our Co-op positions. We interview shortlisted candidates in person, and for the past eight years we have successfully hired mature, professional students for our positions. These are very motivated individuals with impressive work experience, academic history, and volunteer service records.

Andrew is a naturalist with roots on British Columbia’s south coast, currently pursuing an MSc at the UVic School of Environmental Studies. His research is focused on the implications of seasonal drought for plant and pollinator communities in the southern Gulf Islands of BC. He is interested in our regional biodiversity, with a fascination for how local plant communities are affected by microclimate. In pursuit of these studies, he runs a biodiversity project on Galiano Island, and maintains a weather station network in partnership with the Ministry of Forests and the UVic School of Earth and Ocean Sciences.

Andrew feels relationships are fundamental to his practice as an ecologist, and is inspired by a commitment to place and respect for the people who have stewarded these lands since time immemorial. When he’s not peering through a microscope or pouring over life’s tangled bank, Andrew nurtures his passions for archery and guitar, and enjoys sharing those interests with those around him.

What do they do?

Our Co-op staff play a very important role in the work of the Mayne Island Conservancy. They create and deliver youth education, maintain our native plant nursery, contribute to habitat restoration projects, conduct our annual kelp and eelgrass mapping surveys, and assist with many other programs. By helping us find somewhere for them to rent for the summer, you can contribute to the important work they do.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss if your accommodation option would work for the students, please give us a call or email. Thanks!

Rob Underhill



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