We’re very excited to be welcoming in a new Restoration Technician. Gwen Janz will be working with the Conservancy from May through the summer, helping out with a wide variety of programs including our restoration projects and the community bat program. If you see Gwen out and about, be sure to give her a warm welcome to Mayne!

With a varied background in outdoor education, regenerative agriculture, and ecosystem restoration, Gwen enjoys advancing environmental stewardship both through scientific and community-based projects. Passionate about the interplay of social and ecological systems, she is beyond excited to support the Conservancy’s projects this summer and learn more about local ecologies. Originally from the North Coast of Germany, Gwen came to Canada to complete her BSc in Geography and Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria. After finishing her degree, she decided to stay in the area permanently as the beauty and rich ecological complexity of Southern Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands fascinates her. Gwen feels deeply inspired by First Nations’ stewardship that has shaped these lands and waters since time immemorial, and she seeks to honour Coast Salish legacies by treading lightly on the land and giving back to the community.

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