Did you know our Annual Beach Cleanup is coming up on April 28th? Organized in partnership with the Mayne Island Recycling Society, the Annual Beach Clean-up presents an opportunity for community-led environmental stewardship and island-wide impact. Last year, hardworking volunteers collected 10,000 litres of waste from beaches around the island, and 70% of that waste was diverted from the landfill and sent to Richmond’s Ocean Legacy recycling centre to be upcycled into Legacy Plastic!

Volunteer Jane Schneider sorting out Styrofoam pieces at Campbell Bay beach, 2023.

Although we have this very successful event once a year, beach combers and islanders alike can contribute year-round to keep beaches clean and send off plastic to be given a new lease on life. Many people end up picking up refuse from the beaches when they’re out for a walk or exploration, and we’re encouraging people to sort out what they collect into garbage and plastic recycling and bring in the latter category to the recycling center year-round for transport to Ocean Legacy. Keep in mind that the plastic must be a certain standard of “clean” to be accepted by their recycling facilities, much like our household plastic needs to be clean for standard recycling. Anything that’s considered too bio-fouled, for example, might not be accepted, and you should check with a MI Recycling volunteer before dropping off your materials, as they will determine whether it should be diverted to the landfill instead.

This Styrofoam piece is considerably bio-fouled and would be diverted to a landfill. The smaller pieces, however, could be diverted to Ocean Legacy’s upcycling facility.

Interested in learning more about Ocean Legacy’s work and processes, and what can be recycled?

Check out this PDF on recyclable materials:

And this event recording from an online event last spring, with Ocean Legacy’s Josh McClean:

Happy spring cleaning, and we hope to have you join us on the 28th! Find out more about the event here.


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