While May Day is a fundraising event for the Mayne Island Conservancy Society, it is much more than that. It’s when we get together to celebrate and cherish this unique little corner of the world in all of its natural glory.

May Day, 2019. Dancing around the May Pole.

May Day has become one of the iconic days on the calendars of many Mayne Islanders, whether they are residents (full or part-time) or among the contingent of friends and family who have made the annual trek to Mayne on the May long weekend to enjoy May Day festivities for the 17 years they’ve been running (minus the 2 years we cancelled due to the pandemic).

May Day 2022, after a two-year hiatus.

May Day on Mayne Island is a day of celebration of the change of the season and the greening of the earth. It originated in 2006, when directors Helen O’Brian and Maggi Cheetham came up with the plan for this now annual madcap fundraising event for the Mayne Island Conservancy.

While the event is free for all to participate, donation tins will be set out on the at the market in the activities area, as well as at the Gazebo in Miners Bay Park where the refreshments are served after the crowning. Besides the donation tins, participants will be cajoled into buying tickets for 3 phenomenal prize packages. 100% of proceeds from the event go directly to the Conservancy to help fund the work we are doing on the island.

Steffani McBurney crowned as May Queen, 2016.

This year May Day falls on Saturday May 20th. See the schedule of events below.

Want to get involved? We are looking for volunteers to assist with final preparations and event day activities. If you are available, please email maydayonmayne@gmail.com

The Day’s Schedule

At the Farmer’s Market:

(All times are approximate – could be earlier or later)

At about…


  • Mayne Island Farmers Market opens for business ~ Conservancy Volunteers and Board members begin selling tickets for Prizes


  • May Day Activity Tables open ~ Face Painting, Wand, Garland and Hat (bring your own) decorating


  • Farmers Market stalls close


  • Master of Ceremonies declares May Day started
  • Fanciest hat competition and prize draws
  • Children’s pledge to Mother Earth             
  • Noisy procession taking May Pole to Miners Bay Park accompanied by Green Man, May Queens, Maiden, Crone, knights, fairies, musicians, drummers, and the rest!

Miner’s Bay Park

At the Labyrinth:


  • Children Walk the Labyrinth followed by royal procession, coronation of 2023 May Queen by previous year’s Queen. Speeches by Green Man and new May Queen.

At the May Pole:


  • Swearing in of pole guardians              
  • Kids dance with Queens, Maiden and Crone around the pole
  • Stone Crop Singers entertain

Gazebo and Games:       


  • Cakes arrive at the gazebo ~ with great ceremony                
  • Cake + lemonade for everyone (Queen and Green Man first)
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