Why Give Monthly?

by Robert Anthony

Monthly giving is a scheduled financial donation given to the causes that you care about – without actually increasing how much you would normally give at the end of the year.  Currently we have a small number of monthly donors and we are hoping to double that number over the coming year. This will certainly benefit the Conservancy and there are benefits to you as well. We think you’ll come to appreciate the value of monthly giving as much as we do. 

Most Canadians associate giving with a mad dash in December trying to figure out which causes to support and how much to give before the year end charitable tax receipt deadline. As much as this surge is appreciated, volunteer-based not-for-profit societies, like the Mayne Island Conservancy, find that donation revenue fluctuates dramatically over the course of a year, while our monthly operating cost remain mostly constant.  

Even though the on-going overhead costs for operating the Conservancy are small, nonetheless they must be accounted for month-by-month.  This consumes time and effort to juggle the budget while hoping that by year-end it will all work out. Monthly giving is a way to provide additional support for the Conservancy and support the mission of enriching the ecological diversity of Mayne Island through a steady and predictable income. With a more predictable cash flow, the Conservancy is better able to remain focused on fulfilling our mission and plan future projects and initiatives without worrying whether enough funds will come in to sustain the regular operational costs like rent, heat, telephone and internet that are necessary to carry out our conservation efforts.

As a monthly donor you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your regular and predictable support allows the Conservancy to more reliably meet and predict future cash flows which results in more effective overall operations. You become a Conservancy ‘insider’ who demonstrates commitment to the goals of sustaining the environmental integrity of Mayne Island. 

There may be other personal benefits as well. Numerous studies have shown that giving to a cause that represents your personal values and beliefs provides a pleasure response no matter whether the amount is large or small. People who donate to causes and charities receive that good feeling each time they donate and are overall happier. Now just imagine extending the ‘warm glow’ from your once-a-year donation to receiving a happiness boost every month.

Please consider becoming a monthly donor.