Conservancy volunteers Robert Anthony, Robin Walsh, and David Brown working on habitat restoration.

Make it Monthly!

by Robert Anthony

The Mayne Island Conservancy has made it a priority to double the number of monthly
donors in 2023. Why is this an important goal? The primary reason is that a larger amount of
monthly income can provide us with a base level of support without increasing the amount
any one donor contributes over the year.

Many Canadians participate in a mad dash to make all their donations at the end of December
just before the year end charitable tax receipt deadline. And although volunteer-based not-for-
profit societies like the Mayne Island Conservancy greatly appreciate these donations, the
December 31st spike adds to an unpredictable flow of revenue. Meanwhile our monthly
operating costs remain constant.  

Although the Conservancy’s on-going overhead costs are relatively small, they must be
accounted for month-by-month with continual time and effort required to balance the budget
in the hopes that it will all work out at the end of the year. With a more predictable cash flow,
the Conservancy can focus on planning and executing projects and initiatives knowing that
monthly income is sustaining basic operational costs like rent, heat, telephone, and internet.

Studies show that giving to a cause that represents your personal values provides a pleasure
response regardless of the amount of the donation. People receive a good feeling each time
they donate, and the experience contributes to their overall happiness. Just imagine extending
the ‘warm glow’ from your once-a-year donation to the happiness boost you would feel
whenever you read the Oystercatcher or hear about the Conservancy’s activities and most
recent achievements!

Please consider becoming a monthly donor.  


Your Donor Information

In May 2022 the Conservancy moved to a new system called Donorbox for collecting on-line donations. This change was made to improve our donor management system and we thank you for your patience adjusting to the new system. Existing monthly donations have been moved over to Donorbox and your information is not available to third parties. Changes to your monthly donations must now be made through Donorbox, and an account has been created for you.

Accessing and Updating your Information is Easy

To access your Donorbox account to update your credit card information or modify your recurring donation, please follow the instructions below. If you have questions or trouble accessing Donorbox, please contact our fundraising team at

1. Go to
2. Login as a Donor – you’ll be sent a password
3. Click ‘Recurring Plans’
4. Click ‘Monthly Giving’
5. Click ‘Payment Method’ / ‘change’ / ‘update card’
6. Logout

Thank you for your ongoing support of the Conservancy.