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Your Donor Information

In May 2022 the Conservancy moved to a new system called Donorbox for collecting online donations. This change was made to improve our donor management system and we thank you for your patience adjusting to the new system. Existing monthly donations have been moved over to Donorbox and your information is not available to third parties. Changes to your monthly donations must now be made through Donorbox, and an account has been created for you.

Accessing and Updating your Information is Easy

To access your Donorbox account and update your credit card information, please follow the instructions below. If you have questions or trouble accessing Donorbox, please contact our fundraising team at development@mayneconservancy.ca.

1. Go to donorbox.org
2. Log in as a donor – you’ll be sent a password
3. Click the ‘Active’ button
4. Click ‘Payment Method’
5. Click ‘Update Card’ – edit your card information
6. Log out

You can also modify your recurring donation and view your donation history since May 2022 by accessing your account on Donorbox. Thank you for your ongoing support of the Conservancy.