All plants are grown on Mayne Island by the Mayne Island Conservancy from seeds and cuttings collected locally by hand. The plants are grown in our plant nursery without the use of artificial fertilizer or any pesticides. We use 100% rainwater to water our plants. Care is taken to follow best practices for seed collection, and to collect from a genetically diverse group of individuals to maintain the diversity of natural plant populations.

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Plants are available by order and can be picked up from the Root Seller (478 Village Bay Rd) each Friday or by arrangement, with orders being accepted each week until Wednesday evening. Orders can be placed by email to Invoices will be emailed when plants are ready for pick-up and can be paid online via CC.

Benefits of Native Plants

Living here in the Southern Gulf Islands we are fortunate to enjoy more plant and animal diversity than nearly anywhere else in Canada! Plants are the most important component of our ecosystem; they capture energy from the sun and bind it into sugars for consumption by insects and animals, and provide structural habitat for plants and animals. Plants hold our soils together, slow rainwater to recharge our drinking aquifers, and store CO2.

Photo by Rob Underhill

Using native plants on your property helps connect your home to adjacent natural areas, bringing you interesting and beneficial animals such as mason bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. Once established in the appropriate habitats, native plants will grow maintenance free. If you have questions about planting native plants or want to learn more about the natural features of your property, take advantage of our free landowner consultation program. Contact Biologist Rob Underhill for more information.

Photo: Andrew Ferneyhough


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