Getting Started

Another exciting year of science and nature education has begun! We met with the staff from the Mayne School earlier in September to plan a series of lessons throughout the school year that will complement the learning going on in the classroom. We will focus on three topics this year; Evolution, Energy Transfer, and Nutrient Cycles. We’ll bring students to places all over Mayne Island in search of inspirational experiences to fuel their learning. First up, a trip to the neighbours.

To kick off our learning for the year we started with a trip to Windover Farm, which is right next to the school and offers 148 acres of wilderness and working farm to explore. Thanks to the kindness of Kristine and Peter, we’ve been able to use this diverse place as an outdoor classroom. Last week, armed with plastic jars and butterfly nets, we set out on our first adventure of the year.

Students walk into a sunny field to catch insects.

Look an Arthropod!

For those who missed the lesson, ‘Arthropod’ is the name for a group of organisms that includes all insects, spiders, millipedes, centipedes, crabs, lobsters, and more.This group of animals is perfect for introducing the students to concepts of evolution and energy transfer. And lets be honest, catching bugs is pretty fun too!

Snake fly

Next up, a trip to the intertidal habitats of Oyster Bay!


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