Campaign to save St. John Point on Mayne Island reaches major milestone

The Mayne Island Conservancy and American Friends of Canadian Land Trusts are thrilled to announce that we have raised over $2 million in pledges and donations to save St. John Point.  The milestone means that an exclusive purchase agreement will now be signed with the owners, who will no longer entertain any other offers. We no longer have to worry about the property slipping away from us UNLESS we fail to reach our full campaign goal of $4.3 million. The deal must close mid-December. We have only 4 months to reach that goal.


For the last 7 months the Mayne Island Conservancy and the American Friends of Canadian Land Trusts have been working on a campaign to Save St. John Point, Mayne Island. This is a  once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to purchase and protect forever, this exceptional 64 acre property. With over 2 kilometers of undeveloped shoreline including two lovely beaches in the unique Coastal Douglas Fir ecosystem it is one of only seven remaining undeveloped, privately-owned properties in the Southern Gulf Islands that are larger than 50 acres and have more than a 1.6 km of ocean front. 

Capital Regional District (CRD) Parks is working with the Conservancy and American Friends towards the acquisition of the property but we won’t have a definitive response from them until their Board meets in October.

Time is of the essence. We invite our community to reach out to their networks of friends and colleagues, and we invite anyone interested in land conservation and in having more publicly accessible places to visit in the Salish Sea to participate in this effort to raise the remaining $2.3 million. Together we will Save St. John Point.

The Mayne Island Conservancy and American Friends are so very grateful to all those who have joined this exciting campaign. What an amazing community of supporters we have in coming together to raise $2 million in 7 months.

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