“As I wait on the tide and the ocean blue

Ah what a moment to enjoy the view

What a beautiful time we’ve been called into

Clearly we’re all just passing through”

– Luke Wallace, Passing Through

Summer nights with fiery sunsets reflecting off the water like a mirror of the heavens. Winter days when whitecaps dominate the Strait, brought into being by furious gales. The ocean is constantly changing, capturing hearts and minds all over the world while providing food and livelihoods for billions. We truly are a blue planet, with the oceans that cover over two thirds of earth’s surface sustaining countless lives.

From rocky intertidal areas and kelp beds to mudflats and eelgrass meadows, Mayne Island’s coastlines boast a diversity of productive marine ecosystems. Threats to the health of these ocean communities are as diverse as the ecosystems themselves. Pollution, overfishing, vessel traffic, plastic buildup, acidification, oil spills – the list goes on. Although these problems are multifaceted and can seem insurmountable, every positive action makes a difference. Limiting or eliminating the use of plastic and pollutants, making ethical seafood choices and reducing runoff by conserving forests are all choices that everyone can make.

Photographs of the shimmering sea and the beaches that border it can be truly compelling, inspiring people to care for these special places. Scenes captured around Mayne Island do not disappoint. Scroll through the slides below to see the 8th Annual Nature Photo Contest entries for the Ocean/Beach Scene category. Next time you’re out admiring the surf, don’t forget to take photographs for this year’s photo contest!

  • Ⓒ Tara Rodriguez


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