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Winter Walk Day: Mosses and other Bryophytes

Mayne Island Agricultural Hall 430 Fernhill Rd, Mayne Island, BC, Canada +1 more

Upcoming events with Dr. Terry McIntosh Moss and Bryophytes presentation at the Ag Hall: by donation at the door, pre-registration not required Moss and Bryophytes guided walk at Mount Parke: $10.00/participant. Free for participants under 16 years old. Please purchase tickets below. BC is home to over 1000 species of Read more…

Free – $10.00

Build a Tree Swallow Nesting Box

Dinner Bay Park Dinner Bay Rd, Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

Tree Swallows are apart of a group of birds called aerial insectivores, swooping and diving through the air in their hunt for prey. Across Canada, aerial insectivores have declined almost 60% since the 1970s! Nesting boxes can help increase the reproductive success of Tree Swallows, who usually nest in cavities Read more…


Cedar Is Life Screening

Mayne Island Agricultural Hall 430 Fernhill Rd, Mayne Island, BC, Canada

Join us on March 30th at the Agricultural Hall for a screening of documentary film A Cedar Is Life, including a Question and Answer period with filmmaker Leslie Bland and a presentation from Coast Salish Carver, Chazz Elliott from T'sartlip First Nation. Cedar Is Life "In the latest offering from Orca Read more…

Free – $15.00

Spring Native Plant Sale 2024

Mayne Island Conservancy Office 455 Dixon Rd, Mayne Island, BC, Canada

Come visit us on Saturday April 6th between 10am and 1pm and check out our selection of locally grown native plants. All of our plants are grown from seeds or cuttings collected locally following responsible collection guidelines. We maintain genetic diversity by collecting from many individuals to ensure the best Read more…

Foraging and Natural Dyeing with Salish Weaver Myrna Crossley-Elliott.

Mayne Island Agricultural Hall 430 Fernhill Rd, Mayne Island, BC, Canada

Spend an afternoon with artist and Salish Weaver Myrna Crossley whose work is featured at the Mayne Island Library March 1st to April 15th.  Join Myrna to learn about dyeing wool with natural materials from the island. Workshop includes a forest walk to forage nettles and a participatory demonstration on Read more…

Free – $25.00

Nettle Feast

Mayne Island Agricultural Hall 430 Fernhill Rd, Mayne Island, BC, Canada

The humble nettle is a powerful spring tonic loaded with vitamins and minerals. It makes a delicious tea and can be used in the place of greens in most recipes. It has medicinal qualities as well. In contemporary herbal medicine, stinging nettle is known to have antiproliferative, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, analgesic, Read more…

Annual Beach Clean-Up

SḴŦAḴ/Mayne Island

The island-wide beach clean up returns for 2024! Sponsored by the Recycling Society and the Conservancy, community members join up with their neighbourhood crews to tackle garbage and recycling removal from beaches around the island. The refuse is taken to the recycling depot, where it is weighed and sorted and Read more…

Fourth Annual Big Day Bird Count

SḴŦAḴ/Mayne Island

Red Crossbill. Photo: Tom Ediger International Migratory Bird Day 2024 for the northern hemisphere will be celebrated in North America on Saturday, May 11, 2024, and it is designated as a day to reflect on the amazing travels of many bird species from wintering to breeding sites. It is also Read more…

May Day 2024

Agricultural Hall 430 Fernhill Rd, Mayne Island, BC, Canada

While May Day is a fundraising event for the Mayne Island Conservancy Society, it is much more than that. It’s when we get together to celebrate and cherish this unique little corner of the world in all of its natural glory. May Day, 2019. Dancing around the May Pole. May Read more…