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Over the past year the Mayne Island Conservancy has been very active in creating and delivering youth education through our Science and Nature Education Program. Our objective is to provide hands-on natural science experiences for youth that will inspire them to pursue a lifetime of learning. We envision a community of well-educated individuals with a strong understanding of scientific principles. In 2018 we led youth on field trips across the island, visiting wetlands, shorelines, and forests.

We Need Your Help!

There are two ways you can help contribute to nature education on Mayne Island.

First, you can donate funds to help us deliver our programs. Currently we are looking to increase our supplies of insect capturing devices. Insects are a diverse group of organisms that are perfect for teaching ecology lessons. Also, they are fun to catch and observe! Donations will help us purchase pooters and non-lethal collection traps. We also need funds to help cover the staff costs of creating and delivering the lessons.

Second, we are looking for one or two dedicated Education Assistant volunteers to help deliver our education programs. As participation in our program increases, we need group leaders to help run our activities. If you are interested in this volunteer position, please read the description here.

Students study beach sediments at Piggott Bay. Why are courser materials at the top of the beach?

Students from the Saturna Ecological Education Class join us to monitor Kelp and Eelgrass.

Ecosystems Intern Kelly Fretwell assists students to test the pH of seawater at Piggott Bay Beach

Students answer questions during a hike through the Douglas fir forest.

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Interested in our volunteer Education Assistant position? Click here!


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