Some of our supporters have asked us about Planned Giving, also referred to as Estate or Legacy Planning, as a way to support the Mayne Island Conservancy in the longer term. This is the first of a series of articles on this topic. Over the next few months, we will highlight different kinds of financial support, including cash donations, points earned from customer loyalty systems (Air Miles, etc.), lottery winnings, life insurance, securities and bequests of lands or goods. 

Planned Giving refers to any donation set up to provide either ongoing or future support to the Mayne Island Conservancy. Arrangements vary in scope and timeframe, ranging from a series of monthly donations to bequests set up years or even decades ahead to dedicate a prescribed portion of an estate. Wills are an important part of this planning.

Planned donations are very effective in reducing the Conservancy’s dependency on grants to support its many activities, whether they be educational programs, such as Family Nature Explorations, research that includes eelgrass and bull kelp surveys and volunteer work that restores and protects Mayne Island’s lands and waters. These funds also make it possible to plan and execute longer range projects and give staff more time away from writing grant applications so they can work in the Native Plant nursery, lead tours or conduct research. 

Supporters can arrange for Planned Giving at any time. If you are considering a bequest, a donation of securities or including the Conservancy in your will, please work with your financial advisor and/or your lawyer as well as someone from the Conservancy. You can contact us at:

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