The mission of the Mayne Island Conservancy is to work with the community to conserve the ecology of Mayne Island and its surrounding waters for future generations. In order to achieve this we engage in a variety of community and ecologically oriented initiatives, made possible through the support of volunteers and donors like yourself as well as grants from foundations and government agencies.

Our critical Shoreline Care programme is celebrating its 10th year. This program began with a generous grant from VanCity and has become an important and ongoing project. However, as an ongoing project, it is very difficult to access further funding.

Won't you help us conserve Mayne Island's shorelines forever?

Here's what your donation can help us achieve.

Popular Education Programs

Help fund exciting public programming of guest speakers, films, workshops on topics such as ethical harvesting of nearshore edibles; marine ecosystems of the Salish Sea; the effects of beach detritus on marine life; interpretive shoreline walks; shorebird identification and behaviours

Anchor Out Program

Help us expand our existing “Anchor Out” program to educate boaters about the destructive effects of anchoring in sensitive eelgrass beds that are so important for Mayne Island's marine health

Critical Mapping and Monitoring

Donate to help us continue the annual mapping and monitoring of eelgrass and kelp beds around Mayne Island providing important baseline data for detecting change in these economically and ecologically important habitats

Reaching School Children

Your donation will help us develop a program that provides opportunities for Mayne Island and off-island school groups and others to experience and learn about the care and conservation of shoreline ecosystems

State of Mayne Island

With your help, we can develop and make available cutting-edge public reports, such as the “State of Mayne Island – Marine Ecosystem Health,” for use by other marine communities, graduate students and all levels of government

Shoreline Cleanup

Support us as we expand our annual shoreline cleanup to include a post-summer cleanup, highlighting a marine plastics awareness program for residents and visitors.

Learn More About Our Shores

Articles and features on our shoreline programs: