As we announced in November, the Conservancy has added a new Lifetime membership category. You may have some questions about this change, such as:

  • Was Lifetime membership added to increase the Conservancy’s revenue? Or,
  • What are the advantages of a Lifetime membership?

The answer to the first question is no, as membership revenue is not a significant part of the Conservancy’s budget.

As to the advantages, our goal is to make it easier for you to have a relationship with the Conservancy that you don’t have to worry about. Never miss another event email, and there’s no need to log in to check your membership status, or wonder “Did I remember to renew this year?” You don’t have to arrange for and track annual payments, and neither do our staff and volunteers. The Conservancy can then spend more time planning, executing, and promoting its programs, and pursuing its vision of protecting 30% of Mayne Island by 2033.

The bulk of the Conservancy’s annual income is comprised of grants and donations. Lifetime membership means your support for our work and your commitment to an ongoing relationship with the Conservancy will be apparent. Having robust membership numbers helps ensure success when applying for the grants that are so critical to fund our work. Growing and nurturing an engaged member base provides us with the largest audience for events, donation appeals, restoration work and conservation initiatives at all scales. And it is especially important to attract new residents and visitors who arrive on the island!

A lifetime membership costs $100. Annual memberships will continue to be available at a cost of $10, and will continue to run from January 1st to December 31st. We are also offering free memberships for youth up to the age of sixteen.

To join, become a lifetime member, or renew your annual membership for 2024, please pick the option that is most convenient for you:

Thank you for your support!


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