As spring arrives, I have a seed to sow with you, but first I wish to thank all our donors for their financial support for the Mayne Island Conservancy. This support has helped us accomplish all we do in conserving the natural environment of Mayne. I believe deeply in this work, and it is very gratifying to know that you share that same belief. The seed to be sown is an invitation to become a monthly donor if you’re not one already.

We have shared in the past some stories from current monthly donors who talk about why they give monthly. If you missed these, here’s a link to the testimony from Robert Anthony and Rosemary Cornell.  

But let me give you some additional reasons to become a monthly donor. 

Giving monthly doesn’t have to be onerous or a financial burden. In fact, a modest donation can go a long way when combined with similar donations from other people. For example, if 30 people give $20 a month, this will help pay the rent for our office and our demonstration native plant garden. The success of our programs depends on having office space for our staff, and the adjacent garden showcases Mayne’s native plants. If you haven’t been to the office, we are located on Dixon Road in a small building behind the old Groove restaurant.

More monthly donors and monthly donations help us with our annual budgeting. As you can imagine, we need to plan ahead for our programs and projects and each year we review our budget to ensure we have the funds necessary to do our work. Having predictable revenue from monthly donors gives us greater certainty in our planning, and helps us attract funding from organizations that look at our donor base as an indicator of resilience.

One of the benefits of supporting a small organization focused on conserving the local environment is that you can see the results. You also get to know the people involved in the work, be they staff, board members, or volunteers. By giving monthly, you will experience this connection to the Conservancy throughout the year!

I invite you to sign up today as a monthly donor. Whatever you can give would be appreciated, as it increases certainty for us in our program and project planning. The process is simple: please go to the Monthly Donation link on our website and follow the steps.

We are offering a perk to any new monthly donor who signs up before the end of April for at least $20 per month. They will receive a package of Mayne Conservancy greeting cards with winning photos from our photo contest.

Thank you for considering this request. If you have any thoughts or questions please feel free to send me a note at


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