Dan Stewart and Michael Dunn

I am a graduate student in the Department of Forest and Conservation Sciences at UBC and have been both a member and monthly donor to the Mayne Island Conservancy for about 4 years. My connection with Mayne Island is due to my grandparents, who owned a waterfront cabin in Campbell Bay that my family visited often (and still does). In 2012 I reached out to staff biologist, Rob Underhill, when I was looking for field experience with plants in the southern Gulf Islands. He quickly had me involved in broom pulls, vegetation monitoring, trail mapping, and a deer population estimate study. It’s fair to say that my conversations and experience with Rob have helped shape my professional career.

Why do I choose to give monthly to the Conservancy? It’s a good opportunity for people like me, who are not permanent residents, to invest in a place they love coming to. To give back. It’s easy to believe that the ecosystems of Mayne Island are “pristine” in comparison to the city, but the reality is that there are many issues that threaten its flora and fauna. I am happy to support the people who are advocating for healthy ecosystems and there is no doubt in my mind that the money is being well used for programs I agree with. And, I really like the Conservancy’s initiatives.

Finally, I feel that giving monthly and participating with the Conservancy helps to connect non-islanders with both the island and its residents. When you’re connected to it, I can guarantee you will see it differently and appreciate it even more. You may even gain some new friends along the way. 

Giving monthly is so easy. Visit this page to sign up. Whether it be $5 a month or $100 or more it will help provide monthly stability to the ongoing health of the Mayne Island Conservancy. This year we have a fundraising goal to double the monthly donors. Won’t you help us?


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