A Program Worth Supporting

Connecting local youth with our environment is an important part of the work we do. Over the past ten years we have delivered 140 lessons for youth on Mayne Island, mostly in partnership with the Mayne School. Students plant trees, explore intertidal life, and learn about ecosystem processes and how those processes are connected to our everyday lives.

Students walk into a sunny field to catch insects.

Recently, we’ve begun a new program called Family Nature Explorations to engage the growing pre-school age group in our community, and we’re developing a new partnership with the Mayne Island Early Childhood Society. These new programs will provide inspirational experiences for youth that will stay with them for a lifetime. Mayne Island may not have zoos or aquariums, but we have access to diverse natural areas right in our backyard. 

A Program Shortfall: We Need Your Help

In order to continue delivering our Youth Education Programs in 2022 we need your help. Some of the costs are covered by grants from the Province of BC, but we’re currently facing a $5,000 shortfall. We’ve recently hired youth education superstar Katie Kushneryk, who among other things will take the lead on delivering and expanding these important programs. 

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