The Mayne Conservancy engages with all four levels of government on issues that matter to the environment on the island, and this often involves working with our local political representatives. We value our relationship with these officials and appreciate their ongoing commitment to the mission of the Conservancy. In celebration of our 20th anniversary this year, we invited them to share their reflections on our work; their messages are printed below.

On behalf of the Mayne Island Local Trust Committee, we want to congratulate the Mayne Island Conservancy. The Conservancy has fulfilled an important role in the evolution of conservation on Mayne Island over the past 20 years. In particular we would like to note the acquisition of St. John Point and Edith Point in which the Conservancy played major roles.

Environmental education is key for our community if we are going to maintain an ecological balance. With the Mayne Island Conservancy now taking a more active role in the fallow deer problem we can all look forward to a more sustainable environment.

Thank you for 20 years of service to this Island and your many accomplishments over the years.

Tobi Elliott, Chair, Mayne Island Local Trust Committee

David Maude, Mayne Island Trustee, Islands Trust

Jeanine Dodds, Mayne Island Trustee, Islands Trust

Isn’t it amazing to look back over the 20-year history of the Mayne Conservancy to see the depth and breadth of positive impact on our environment this group of truly dedicated volunteers have accomplished. Land conservation, citizen science, habitat restoration and more, and at significant scale is an accomplishment that many much larger, well-funded organizations could only dream of. Another stunning example of our islanders being able to so much with so little.

Paul Brent, Capital Regional District Director, Southern Gulf Islands

I raise my hands in gratitude to the board, staff, volunteers, and supporters of the Mayne Island Conservancy for the incredible efforts over the past 20 years. I celebrate your work to be good stewards of the land and surrounding waters of our beautiful home.

Mayne Island is an incredibly important place for me and my family. We have deep roots as caretakers and stewards. It is our responsibility to ensure our home is well looked after. In my time as the MLA, I have seen the wonderful work of the conservancy and will always do what I can to support their efforts.

Thank you for all you do, and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Adam Olsen, Member of the Legislative Assembly, Saanich North and the Islands

It is so amazing that the Mayne Island Conservancy is celebrating its twentieth year of existence!  The Conservancy has been extraordinarily effective. For a small ecological NGO, within a small community on a small island, its achievements are astonishing.  As a donor, and your MP, I watched in amazement as the community raised over $4 million to purchase a rare piece of ecologically significant land.  Saving St. John Point allowed the creation of a 68 acre park on Mayne.  And then the Conservancy got busy raising more money and doing more work in ecological restoration of the property.  And that is only one of the many projects undertaken by the stalwart band of volunteers.

Protecting and restoring the ecological health on land is not all the conservancy did. Its work extends past the shoreline to eelgrass, kelp, and crab. The committed volunteers of Mayne Island have conducted beach clean-ups, removing plastics from our shoreline.

 On this its twentieth birthday, please accept my best birthday wishes and on behalf of all of us, MANY happy returns!  Let’s keep supporting the Mayne Island Conservancy and celebrate every birthday!

Elizabeth May, Member of Parliament, Saanich-Gulf Islands


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