Now that the soils have softened, it’s a perfect time for planting. We have a selection of beautiful native plants from our small plant nursery now available for order. Our top picks this year are Oregon gumweed, red columbine, and nodding onion. These perennial wildflowers provide amazing colour and summer food for pollinators.

To Order Plants

First, check out the availability and pricing list below, then email Rob Underhill at

For Future Sales

To take advantage of member-only early-bird opportunities for future sales, make sure your membership is up to date. Sign up or renew your membership here.

About the Nursery

The native plant nursery was started in 2011 to provide a source of locally adapted plants for use in habitat restoration projects and for sale to landowners on Mayne Island interested in restoring their own properties and gardening with native plants. All of the plants we grow are started from locally collected seeds and cuttings, and grown right here on Mayne Island. Water for the nursery comes from a rainwater storage pond, and we don’t use any pesticides or artificial fertilizers.

This year we’ll be expanding the nursery and improving the shade cloth infrastructure. These much needed improvements will help us to keep up with demand in future years. Thank you very much to everyone who donated to help make those improvements possible.


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