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Towering trees, feathery moss, chirping birds, and epic views. Together, Mt. Parke Regional Parke, Mary Jeffery Park, and Plumper Pass Community Park make up the largest public park on Mayne Island. With many kilometres of hiking trails and 66 acres of mature forest, visitors and residents alike come to enjoy this special place. Like other shared places, we work together to make it a place for all to enjoy. The Conservancy enjoys doing its part through restoration—by managing invasive plant species within the park, keeping the park beautiful and healthy for its non-human residents and visitors.

A group of students from the Mayne Island School attend a nature lesson in Mt. Parke

Ecosystem Restoration Plan Mt. Parke 2017-2027

We have recently completed a ten-year habitat restoration plan. The plan describes the steps the Conservancy will take to manage invasive plant species within the park, to keep it natural in the long term. Scotch broom, daphne, and English holly were spreading in the park, but have been removed over the last two years by Conservancy staff and volunteers. Following the maintenance plan will ensure the park is kept free from these damaging species in future years.

See the full plan here. 

Scotch broom management area.

Maintenance plan for daphne and English holly



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