We have moved into a new office. We are now located at 454 Village Bay Rd, in a square black building behind Das Nest Restaurant. Our previous office at the Root Seller served us well for the past ten years, and we want to extend our thanks to our previous landlord Sandi Wallin for providing us with a generous 12 months notice – we ended up needing all of it! Thank you also to Robin Walsh and Michael Kilpatrick for their assistance moving our staff workstations.

The Conservancy’s first office was adjacent to the veggie garden of past Executive Director Leanna Boyer. This small sixty square foot building provided operating space for two staff, with an excellent view of carrots and chickens. The move to the Root Seller in January of 2012 provided a base of operations with more capacity such as meeting rooms, storage, and room for our growing staff team.

Staff sort through a decade of paperwork and project materials while cleaning out the old office.

We’re excited about the opportunities the new office will provide such as on-site plant sales and an outdoor meeting space. The move was a timely opportunity to sort and clean a decade’s accumulation of project materials. Sorting through a decade’s worth of printed materials was also an eye opener to how much we have moved to paperless operation over time. Eventually we hope to develop a small interpretive display at the new office to welcome visitors and will hold a selection of locally grown plants for people to peruse. If you have a moment, please come say hello and check out the new space!

Our incoming and outgoing Stewardship Coordinators Justine and Katie at our new office.


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