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The Mayne Island Conservancy Nature Photo Contest was started as a way to engage visitors and locals and to get them to explore Mayne Island.  It has been a success, reaching people far and wide, with 50 different entrants in 2018 sending in over 130 photos. 

Photo: Pat Zuest *2018 Winner Ocean Beach Scene Category*


This year we have 6 categories; a person can enter a maximum of 1 photo per category.  


Native Plants


Landscapes and Oceanscapes


Young Photographer (18 and under)

Photo: Unity Day *2018 Winner Young Photographer Category*

Submission Deadline: August 24, 2019

To submit: send your digital photo to lauren@mayneconservancy.ca

Photo: Les Bendo

2019 Nature Photo Contest Rules

  • All photo submissions must be sent to lauren@mayneconservancy.ca by August 24th, 2019.
  • Only digital photographs will be accepted. Because photos may be included in our printed calendar; please send us the highest resolution photo possible (if sending from iPhone, please choose the “actual size” option). If the photo is not high resolution, we regretfully will not be able to accept it.
  • All submissions must be taken on Mayne Island and include the entrant’s name, contact information, and category into which the photo is being submitted.
  • All photographs must have been taken by the entrant between September 1st, 2018 and August 24th, 2019.
  • This contest is intended for amateur photographers. If you earn over $3000 per year from your photography, please do not enter this contest.
  • We understand that it is not always clear as to whether a plant or animal is considered native. If you are unsure we are happy to help.
  • If any people are in the photograph, you must receive permission from them to enter your photo.  If chosen as a winner, it will be published in our calendar and those pictured in the photo must be okay with this (parental permission must be given for anyone in the photograph who is 18 and under). 
  • Only one photograph per person may be submitted into each category. 
  • By entering, you agree to give the Mayne Island Conservancy Society a non-exclusive license to use the photo for educational and promotional purposes, with credit to you the photographer.
  • The same photograph may not be entered into multiple categories.
  • For the “young photographer” category, youth are classified as 18 and under. They may enter photos into other categories in addition  to the young photographer category if they like.
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