Endless beach and sky at Bennett Bay. Now your Conservancy membership can be endless too. Photo by Susheela Kundgari.

The Conservancy held an Extraordinary General Meeting on November 3rd, 2023, at which the membership approved an update to the bylaws to add a Life member category. The new wording reads as follows:

(a)  Regular member: Upon payment of an annual fee a regular member shall be entitled to vote, providing they are 12 years of age or older.

(b) Organizational member: Upon payment of an annual fee any corporation or business may be represented by a person authorized on behalf of the corporation who shall be entitled to vote

(c) Life member – is granted permanent membership status and shall be entitled to vote. 

One of our goals in introducing the Life member category is to make it easier for long-term supporters to maintain their membership without having to remember to renew each January. Having a core list of members that carries over from year to year will also reduce staff and volunteer time spent on member recruitment.

Lifetime memberships will be available starting January 1, with details about the cost and how to apply posted on our website before the end of the year.

Grants and donations are the two primary sources of income for the Conservancy. A larger membership demonstrates a broad base of support for our work, and can be cited on grant applications to help increase funding success. The fees associated with this new membership category, and the associated benefits, will be determined before the end of the year.


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